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The Dojo/Dojang

Trans Martial Arts
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Trans Martial Arts

Welcome to the community dedicated to giving trans people (and allies) a place to talk about experiences, give advice, get advice, etc.

New members are welcome (but not forced) to introduce themselves as they see fit.

1. No bashing each other, or any groups of people. Be nice.
2. Minimal promoting, and only if the comm is martial arts or trans related. If it's a rating community of any kind, forget it. Don't bother here.
3. Remember the attitude and respect you're taught to have inside the dojo/do jang? Using that here is a good thing.
4. Use LJ cuts when appropriate.
5. Tags are a lovely feature on LJ, and for convenience, give 'em a shot.

Questions? Moderator barrie3 is here to help!

About the interests -- I pretty much copied and pasted a bunch of stuff from another community's interests, so if you see something not listed that you think should be listed, please let me know.