the sorrows of young werther (choose_a_name) wrote in trans_m_arts,
the sorrows of young werther


hi everybody!
my name is nicholas, i'm 18 years old and i'm ftm.
i've always loved martial arts but i've only been able to train in karate (up to yellow belt) and kendo. i started training in kendo when i was 14 (did it for a year) and then had to leave because, of course, my parents thought it was too much of a 'boy's sport'...! now i started training again in a new city and even though i realize how weird and sad it is to have another sensei (when i still lived in my hometown i had the only recognised japanese kendo teacher in italy!), i still love this art very much and enjoy training as much as i did years ago.

so hi, nice to meet you all!

(barrie: i used a couple of tags because i saw none, hope you don't mind! )
(everyone: please never mind my english - i'm italian! :P )
Tags: intro
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