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Has anyone been watching Human Weapon on the History Channel here in the US?

This comm has been dead for a bit, and with 36 members, I'm hoping to get it a bit more active. Please spread the word about it if you know anyone who might be interested! The more members, the better. This can be a great resource with more people!

Anyway, why don't we all share a bit of an update about ourselves and our training?

I got my red belt (one more rank before black) in June (ITF TKD). My rank form is quite cool and my instructor is making me compete with it before I can test for my next rank. If we find a tournament for me to compete in, it will most likely be the last time I compete as a female. I am working to get on T within the next month. This will give me a much-needed emotional and physical boost in my training, and I cannot wait!

My instructor is hosting a new training group of Sayoc Kali so I'm going to start studying that as well. (This style can be seen in the movie The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones.)

So how're things with all of you?
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