Wilberforce Clayborn (andipandi) wrote in trans_m_arts,
Wilberforce Clayborn


I finaly started college, and Aikido to boot! woohoo!

We stated weapons practice in aikido today which was awesone. my jo is a little tall for me, but my Sencea said it was a very nice jo and seemed to suit me well. So i went with it. We started the 31, i think we got to 8. I decided to practice the moves slowly and carfully at home, and mamaged to scrape some paint off the celling.. so i'll have to keep that to outdoor play! lol

I really like aikido so far, but i am having problems understanding the japaneses words. I wonder how importent these words will be for belt testing. my Sencea seems alright, but she not as involved when we go off into pairs. I mean, she doesn't alays walk around correcting our form. Maybe its different in aikido, but when i took judo my Sencea was very good about showing us proper form and engraining the names of the moves in japanese. I do like her, shes very nice and is fairly clear about how to perform the moves.

I am curious about what other aikido classes and Senceas are like. Over all i am really enjoying myself, and look forward to class, so far my only complaint is i wish that we had class more then once a week!

i don't know if this community has tags but i'll put on in if there is.
Tags: advice, grading, tradition
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