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Hi guys, I'm 24 and have been training a few different styles for the last 4 years. I started with Combatives (aka realistic self-defence, hand to hand combat), then I did european boxing.. but now I am training a complete martial art system called 'koyru uchinadi' (I recommend it), I train with this guy just once a week doing this stuff, it isn't enough really so I go to a wrestling class and boxing class too just to keep on my toes (or on the ground) so to speak. But the thing is the wrestling classes and boxing classes are really macho, and they keep referring to me as 'She' and as a girl (plus I'm the only non-bio male), but I am scared to 'come out' because I really don't know how they'll react, I'm sure they won't be aggressive, but there is a lot of trust and companionship that goes along with this training, and if they freak out I think it will really affect my training with them.
I am on T but the effects are slow and you can't tell the difference yet, should I just wait untill its kind of obvious that I'm 'changing' to tell them, and maybe then it will be easier for them to except? or should I just do it now?

Also, I don't have anyone to just train with, like in the park or at home, apart from this one guy who can only do it once a week. have you got any tips on meeting people who want to train? especially transguys? any of you guys live in LONDON?

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