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new to the comm

Hello everyone. I'm Rhue...I'll be 18 in a week. I've been in WTF taekwondo for 4 years and counting; I earned my first dan last March. I've also cross-trained a little in MMA-style grappling, but I had to quit after a few month because of lack of funds. I'm moving out on my own this summer, and I know that the college I plan to attend has a Muay Thai-centered martial arts club, so I look forward to that as a new step.

Genderifically speaking I have a whole lot of labels that can apply: androgynous, butch, FTM, femme-FTM, genderqueer. I've coined the terms "transdrogynous wonderboy" and "heaping bowls of queer", both of which I use on a regular basis. I am pre-everything, and I don't know that I can see T or bottom surgery in my future, though a mastectomy is definitely in the works.

I'm not out to anyone at the dojang in any capacity (I'm bisexual, too) and honestly I don't think many of them would take it well. The Sahbuhnim is very conservative; not an outward bigot, but straight-laced (no pun intended). I think some of the other black belts would be okay with the sexuality part of the equation, but I'm almost certain no one would "get" the trans angle. It's not a huge deal for me, really; I guess I kind of ignore that they ignore it. Since I'm not terribly "out" in the rest of my life (I'm open about it but not unless you ask), I can't really expect them to call me "Sir" or whatnot.

Anyway. That's me in a three paragraph martial-arts-and-gender colored nutshell. I look forward to meeting folks in the same boat as me.
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