Wilberforce Clayborn (andipandi) wrote in trans_m_arts,
Wilberforce Clayborn

Judo Gee

Hey friends!

So hopefully i will acutally get to attend classes and the Aikido class this semester. I found my old Judo gee and have heard that some people use such a gee for Aikido. But heres my trans- related question...

Is there a difference in male/ female gees? i used this one back in the high school days, and alas since i have changed the gender. So will i beable to wear this w/o people saying to themselvess, 'why is he wearing a female gee?'!

it may seem like a strange question, and i daught that even if it is female shaped i wouldn't wear it, i'd just say a friend had it and never uesd it! lol.

anyway.. thanks!
Tags: traditional gender differences
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