metal_dog (metal_dog) wrote in trans_m_arts,

Yeah! :D

Hello all;

I just want to caper about and generally be happy... 'cause i came out to my Ba gua zhang teacher as trans (f2m) last week! And he was fine with it, and has been very respectful with the name and pronoun changes i've made. He even asked if i wanted him to announce it to the entire class! (I said, thanks awfully, but i'd rather go around and talk to ppl one-on-one) And he is VERY traditional Chinese, so it's been a massive relief that he's been so accepting. Yay! :D
Oh, and all the students i have gotten around to talking to far have been great too. The most grief i got was from one old gentleman who said "masculine pronouns? So what, i have to call you mate, or cobber now?" But i've known him for a bit and i'm pretty sure that's just his dorky way of taking the piss.

Yay again! I'm so happy.
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